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The Jacques Lecoq Method


The Jacques Lecoq method is founded on the dynamics of movement. It employs the body as the first element, which recognizes the world through live imitation of all which moves from life to theatre. The study applies basic movement rules to dramatic work and actors’ interpretation. It studies theatre styles developed in the history of theatre and reinterprets them into a study of perception of present life. The teaching becomes a living support for the student – which overcomes forms – in accordance with the constant rhythm of life.

The school searches for human integrity through various styles, games, views, languages. The training becomes a two year journey and sets the students obstacles thus provoking creative quality, and this way helps to develop and find their own path.

The first year deals with watching the world and its movement. This path leads from a quiet psychological game to development of a character, through substantiation of nature, animals, colours, sounds and discovery of games with masks. All lessons are connected to one another and have the same working structure. They create a complete whole based primarily on movement analysis and improvisation.

The second year is a year of creativity through study of classic theatre forms: melodrama, human comedy, tragedy, clowns and jesters.


„No reading of reference books can substitute for creative work, renewed each day in the school. Beyond styles or genres, we seek to discover the motors of play which are at work in each territory, so that it may inspire creative work. And this creative work must always be of our time.“

Jacques Lecoq from the book Le Corps Poétique (The Moving Body)


The Jacques Lecoq method is taught under recommendation of the L'École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq!