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Student performances and public presentations


2020 - That was us / To jsme byli my


Seven stories of seven brave people.
Seven stories shaping our history.


The final presentation of the yearlong search for advanced BTS students, this time with the topic of the school year OCEAN OF STORIES, captured seven of the many destinies important for shaping the general consciousness of our nation.

The preparations also included a student exercise "work in front of the camera". Jaroslav Kolčava's film received an honorable mention at the Rychnovská osmička 2020 international competition.



photo by Adéla Štětinová


The premiere took place on July 4, 2020 in Činěves, the first rerun took place at Nymburk Old Deanery on September 5 of the same year. The performance planned within the Bošínská cesta project for 31 October 2020 has been postponed for the time being due to the declaration of the second wave of the state of emergency.


From feedbacks:

"I can confirm that the results of the students are truly remarkable and the experiences of their performances are written deep in the soul and heart!"


photo album


The summer workshop of the Budil Theater School ROOTS OF CREATION ended with a public presentation of the results of the weekly production. The performances were created under the guidance of BTS lecturers in cooperation with NATURE - the whole workshop took place in the bosom of nature, without electricity, without mobile phones, all natural. 


photo BTS archiv

The participants of the workshop used the space in the immediate vicinity for their performances, so the spectators traveled for experiences from place to place. Already during the welcome of the spectators by the director of BDŠ Vendulka Burger-Budilová, we were able to watch the warm-up of the actors with bamboo poles based on the Jacques Lecoq method. Immediately afterwards, the place of production changed and we saw POMERANČE (ORANGES) - an unrestrained conception of poetry under the direction of Eva Hrubá. The performance CESTA (WAY) was created from working with Veronika Vaculíková, the sonic accompaniment resulted from a work with Ridina Ahmedová. At the initiative of Tomáš Běhal, a site-specific "4x Myth of Origin and Extinction" was created, in the final form of which all lecturers already participated: OKNA (WINDOWS) / SLUNEČNICE (SUNFLOWER) / VRBA (WILLOW) / TŮNĚ (POOL). (The POOL performance was played until night in its  unique "single spectator performance.") Vendulka Burger-Budilová supervised the whole evening.


Satisfied spectators stayed in large numbers for the following SAUSAGE-PARTY - some (even with children) then went home on bikes, those who brought a tent rejoiced by the fire long after midnight.

photo album

2018 - Madness

Public closing performance of the participants of the Summer Weekly Workshop of the Budil Theater School FROM INSPIRATION TO CREATION in the premises of the Citadel Studio in Prague.

The result of a weekly creation of a completely new team, which in most cases first met the unique method of Jacques Lecoq (led by the founder and director of BTS Vendulka Burger-Budilová), found a place to meet his own voice (techniques of Ridina Ahmedová) and used the choreographic language of the Indian kathak dance technique (with Anežka Hessová).



photo BTS archive

Why go this route to find authentic creation?

Figure out how we can create things from our own experience spontaneously, in the game and in practice without unnecessary thinking. Know the techniques, but also the joy of being able to play and enchant with the discovered and learned schemes right away. Creation is something that cannot be learned and there is no recipe for it - it is a way of searching, groping, getting lost and rediscovering a thousand times discovered. Know that the same thing will not be the same through each of you. Discover the creative power of the group. Look for clues to find the whole world in a small drop of water.

photo album

2018 - TAKE-OFF! of love into the light

foto_petr.slanina_3.jpg6/23/2018 - SVATOJÁNSKÁ NOC festival

(BEZMEZER o.p.s., Liberec and Rychnov u Jablonce nad Nisou)


A concept created in a given space on a given topic.

Graduates of the Budil Theater School experimented with light and media techniques and thus enlivened creative solos and duets on the topic of the 2017-2018 school year TAKE OFF! Concept and direction: Vendulka Burger.


photo by Petr Slanina


photo album

2018 - At that time in the 68th

k-clanku.jpgThe memory of August 68 was staged in the traditional collaboration of the Budil Association and KVH Second Regiment Nymburk and played on several occasions throughout the year. In this memory also were active students BTS.






photo BTS archiv

photo album 

2017 - Lodě na Labi

Students and the pedagogical management of BTS formed a cultural accompanying program of the fifth year of the boat show organized by the o.p.s. Zlatý pruh Polabí on the Nymburk embankment for two days (May 6-7, 2017)



Photo by Tomáš Strejček

Random selection from the program:

Naval Jester Island (welcome and farewell happening) / Old Pirate's Tale (fairy tale + children's workshop) / Clowns Island (acrobatics, juggling, grotesque) / Shakespeare Cabaret on the island (performance full of music and verses, humor and exaggeration) / Atelier with Academician (We are building our own ship! Project for Everyone!) / Live paintings of Svídnice (physical - subject theater with words) / BEACH FROM THE 1ST REPUBLIC (happening welcome and farewell)


photo album

2017 - Cabaret SHAKEspeare


02_foto-tomas-strejcek---kopie.jpgPremiere 19.2.2017, Prague - Chodov


rozPUK skrze SHAKEspeara

(rough translation: Burst through Shakespeare)

Shakespeare Anniversary = Shakespeare topic of the school year 2016-2017!


In the summer of 2017, the Budil Association revived the traditional Svídnice funfair. Among other things, the program included the final version of the SHAKEspeare Cabaret SHAKEspeare by BTS students, which was subsequently also shown at the Nymburk feast in September and later in October in the library at Sokolov Castle. In Prague, the performance made seniors happy at the SENior Theater in a home for the elderly in Chodov.

photo by Tomáš Strejček


photo album

2016 - RozPUKni SE sne / RozPUKni se a SNI

RozPUKni se SNE / RozPUKni se a SNI

(rough translation: Burst it, a dream! / Burst and dream!)




To give away yourself, keeps yourself still,

And you must live, drawn by your own sweet skill.



photo by Tomáš Strejček


As a first reaction to Shakespeare's anniversary created the performance RozPUKni se SNE. One of its variants was played by students, for example, at the SVĚTLOHRANÍ festival.

2016-11-05 - SVĚTLOHRANÍ festival (BEZMEZER o.p.s., Liberec and Rychnov u Jablonce nad Nisou)


What was your dream tonight?

Light installation - Workshop with the principles of the Jacques Lecoq and Pascale Lecoq Methods (L.E.M./ experimental scenography) - Performance: A walk in the shadow of dreams, meeting a dream of night, stopping with a sonnets.

Shakespeare as the light ray of November night.


photo album

2016 - Aunt Julie

How did the theater in the hall of Mr. Košátka's pub form?

Premiere June 17, 2016, old school Svídnice




foto by Tomáš Strejček


In June 2016, students of Budil theater school were given a unique opportunity to create in a space where amateur theater was performed at the beginning of the 20th century.

Thus, a production loosely inspired by Zdeněk Jirotka's radio play was born, which is the result of an attempt to reconstruct the amateur efforts of this period, including the search of an actor's interpretation of the text.

The performance with horror elements premiered an hour before midnight.


In February 2017, students played this performance at the Modrý kocour festival in Turnov.


From feedbacks:

"I really appreciate how you work with the history and genius loci of the place in your performances."

"I had a lot of fun with Aunt Julie, it was a relaxing comedy made with humor and irony, and the young actors played with enthusiasm.



photo album

2016 - Paintings of the Svídnice chronicle / Live paintings of Svídnice

About the people and houses of Svídnice from the records of the Svídnice chronicle

Premiere June 17, 2016, old school Svídnice




foto Nadace VIA


The former pub with a hall (in which amateur theater was already played in the 1920s), but also the wide surroundings of the rural environment, has been serving as a BTS residence outside Prague for a year. It is therefore obvious that the students gave space in their work to the offered inspiration. This created a comprehensive performance presented not only at various rural events in the Central Bohemian Region, but also in Prague and theater festivals.

The performance was created on the basis of a study of records from local chronicles, especially from the memories of Prof. Kubálek for the period around 1880. The language of the production is playfulness, movement and manipulation with objects. The production was created as part of the Living Chronicle project, which was financially supported by Poštovní spořitelna through the Via Foundation in 2016.


From feedbacks:

"The vivid images of Svídnice translated the local chronicle, including the memories of Professor Kubálek, into a spoken form. The history of one village family after another took place in front of the audience as plastically as if they were experiencing it directly with the inhabitants of Svídnice."

"One does not expect to come across Art in a remote Central Bohemian village… The processing of the Images of the Living Chronicle was beautiful - it seemed to me as if I knew all the inhabitants."

"Thank you for a nice experience and I am glad with what respect you approached the materials of Prof. Kubálek."


photo album

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