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2017 - Lodě na Labi

Students and the pedagogical management of BTS formed a cultural accompanying program of the fifth year of the boat show organized by the o.p.s. Zlatý pruh Polabí on the Nymburk embankment for two days (May 6-7, 2017)

Random selection from the program:

Naval Jester Island (welcome and farewell happening) / Old Pirate's Tale (fairy tale + children's workshop) / Clowns Island (acrobatics, juggling, grotesque) / Shakespeare Cabaret on the island (performance full of music and verses, humor and exaggeration) / Atelier with Academician (We are building our own ship! Project for Everyone!) / Live paintings of Svídnice (physical - subject theater with words) / BEACH FROM THE 1ST REPUBLIC (happening welcome and farewell)