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School Year 2023



The basis of the Jacques Lecoq method is the theatrical speech that is performed by the actor who "is present" and by his perfectly mastered body. The JL method, however, is not only for trained actors, it educates versatile theatre artists who are at the same time playwrights, dramaturgists, directors and stage designers - and they have to find their own theatrical path.

The JL method is applied worldwide in various artistic fields. It accents the play and drama. It opens the way for novices to their own creativity or to other art colleges in the Czech Republic and abroad and it helps professionals to relieve the stereotype of the acting style. It moves the limits of physical possibilities.




bez-nazvu-5---kopie---zmens..pngYou will learn:

- naturalness on stage and on camera

- mastery of empty space

- rules of improvisation

- cross their physical boundaries

- take obstacles as challenges

You will find:

- a new direction in the artistic career

You get:

- recommendations for further study

photo Adéla Štětinová

The students pass a mid-term and final exam

and after the completion of the study course they receive a certificate.

The students can also receive references written by the school.



The seminars take place at our seat in Prague - Studio Citadela, or in our residence outside of Prague on pre-announced dates.

This school year's topic: RESTART

Send the completed application to budilschool@gmail.com.

By submitting the registration you agree with the payment methods and the cancellation fees.

With an overall payment, students can take advantage of significant discounts.


The Budil Theatre School helps its students to find

their unique creative path and relaxed expression.



photo BTS archive



The JL method opens the door to FREEDOM of my artistic expression. / A theater school that gives me space to be myself. It does not evaluate me, I can look for my own ways to artistic expression. / Vendulka Burger moves J. Lecoq's method to the present. She teaches us the essence of theater through the nature of artistic movement. / ...I must say that it far surpassed my expectations... / Creative, inspiring, stimulating, refreshing, going to the roots of creation…