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Students of the all-year study course finished by a final exam have great discounts when paying in advance!


One of the methods that the Budil Theatre School applies (as the only one in the Czech Republic and Slovakia) is the Jacques Lecoq method. This unique French method opens new ways both in the field of acting and in other creative disciplines (stage design, dramaturgy, directing, choreography and others). This method accents the play and drama. It helps professionals relieve the stereotype of the acting style. It moves the limits of physical possibilities.


Our students come from all over the country, therefore the intensive study course takes place in the form of weekend seminars once or twice a month on pre-announced dates:




















A comprehensive study leads to the individual development of each artist - and at the same time forms a creative team. Our students are annually accepted to study at various faculties of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague including foreign schools and continue their work here and abroad.

Main fields: movement analysis, improvisation, masks, creative writing, experimental stage design, dramatic acrobatics, collective work

Associated fields: acrobatics, new cirkus, martial arts, action mime

The students pass a mid-term and final exam and after the completion of the study course they receive a certificate.

The students can also receive references written by the school.



54212974_266865400914554_2043450769767661568_n.jpgThe seminars take place at our seat in Prague - Studio Citadela, or in our residence outside of Prague.

This school year's topic: The Ocean of Stories

Please send your completed application form send to budilschool@gmail.com.

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The Budil Theatre School helps its students to find their unique creative path

and relaxed expression.