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July 22 - 28, 2019

Workshop of the Jacques Lecoq method in the original conditions.

Svatojiřský les - Komárov pond - Svídnice


It’s vital to learn to experience life through your own body, to associate with nature and the elements. To be able to transform internally and externally and create poetry from what we have inside of us, to stop playing life simply as it is or as it seems to be.“ (Jacques Lecoq)


With the Jacques Lecoq method in direct contact with living nature. Body like a tree. Capture the dynamics of the wind. Penetrate the waves and the essence of further elements: water, earth and fire. Group work with a final performance with the topic: "Let it RUN!".


Exploring the rhythms of nature with the artists

Vendulka Burger, Eva Hrubá, Veronika Vaculíková, Ridina Ahmedová, Tomáš Běhal and more.


If you are interested in discovering something new and have a creative urge, come with us. Theatre experience doesn't matter. You know deep inside of you that you're looking for theatre/theatrical artwork and we can help you discover it and develop your own authentic artwork through the Jacques Lecoq Method.

The workshop includes dramatic acrobatics, motion analysis, relaxation techniques, neutral mask, dramatic artwork and creative writing.



Do you want to succeed as an actor-artist?

Develop your talent?

Not to be afraid?

REGISTER at budilschool@gmail.com (application)


WHEN:  July 22 - 28, 2019

WHERE:  Svatojiřský les - Komárov pond - Svídnice

HOW:  equipped tent camp by the pond, field kitchen

PRICE:  210 EUR (accommodation and board are included in the workshop price)




The Budil Theatre School – as one of a very few in Central Europe – has been applying the Jacques Lecoq Method for 10 years - the main goal of this French method is the development of the creative potential. The Jacques Lecoq method employs the body as the first element, which recognizes the world through live imitation of everything that moves from life to theatre. The study applies basic movement rules to dramatic work and actors’ interpretation. It studies theatre styles developed in the history of theatre and reinterprets them into a study of perception of present life. The teaching becomes a living support for the student – which overcomes forms – in accordance with the constant rhythm of life.

The method is studied worldwide not only by actors, but also by dancers, dramaturgists, choreographers, playwrights... The stars who base their work on this method include Pierre Richard, Geoffrey Rush, Ctibor Turba, Sacha Baron Cohen, Anna Polívková and more.


If you have any questions, please contact us at budilschool@gmail.com

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