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We have prepared for you a weekly practical workshop of the Jacques Lecoq method, which emphasizes the play and drama. It is intended for both non-professionals and professionals. It helps to release the stereotype of acting, shifts the boundaries of physical options.



The Jacques Lecoq method employs the body as the first element, img_3225-----kopie--2-.jpgwhich recognizes the world through live imitation of all which moves from life to theatre. The study applies basic movement rules to dramatic work and actors’ interpretation. It studies theatre styles developed in the history of theatre and reinterprets them into a study of perception of present life. The teaching becomes a living support for the student – which overcomes forms – in accordance with the constant rhythm of life.

The method is studied worldwide not only by actors, but also by dancers, dramaturgists, choreographers, playwrights...The stars that base their work on this method include Pierre Richard, Geoffrey Rush, Ctibor Turba, Sacha Baron Cohen, Anna Polívková and more.



The summer week-long workshop will be structured from Monday to Saturday in all-day practical workshops from approximately 9 am to 6 pm, and we will continue in the evenings as well, where you will apply your creativity (always with an hour break for lunch and dinner).

Practical workshops will include dramatic physical training, movement analysis and collective dramatic search. The workshop will be aimed at finding each participant

in the dramatic creation.


Saturday day will be devoted to the creation of the final performances based on the experience gained.


A public presentation of weekly workshop results will take place on Saturday, 27th August, in the evening at the Komárov pond (Svídnice-Dymokury, Středočeský kraj / in case of rain in the barn of the pub Košátkova hospoda (Svídnice 34, 289 01 Dymokury),





The camp will be built in the standards of natural camps - the possibility of hygiene will be provided.

A paramedic will be present in the camp.

Accommodation and board are included in the workshop price.

By registering, you agree that you will not use any electronic devices during the workshop - a unified time will be set for checking messages from outside or having an emergency phone call.


After completing our weekly workshop, you can receive an output recommendation for further study of the Jacques Lecoq method both in the Czech Republic and abroad.



WHEN:    July 22 - 28, 2019

WHERE:   Svatojiřský les - Komárov pond - Svídnice

HOW:      equipped tent camp by the pond, field kitchen        

PRICE:     210 EUR 

Due to the interest of foreign participants, the summer weekly workshop will also be held in English.


The workshop begins and ends with a joint lunch (Mon and Sun).

The last arrival of the train to Svídnice on 22nd July is at 11:33 and the departure on 28th July from Svídnice is at 13:09


Due to the interest of foreign participants, the summer weekly workshop will also be held in English.


If you have any questions, please contact us at budilschool@gmail.com

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