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School achievements


2020 - student A.J. started full-time study at the Jacque Lecoq International Theater School in Paris


2019 - Jacques Lecoq method disseminated not only at various festivals of amateur production or children's theater (as has traditionally been the case for several years), but also at the specific invitation of theater ensembles


2018 - invitation of the director of BDŠ Vendulka Burger-Budilová to lecture a seminar using the Jacques Lecoq method at the National Meeting of teachers dramatic literary field at ZUŠ organized by the National Institute for Further Education


2017-2018 - participation of BTS students in the program of the multi-genre Festival na ROHU


2016 - year-round work on the Living Chronicle project supported by a grant from the VIA Foundation


2015 - Prague Quadrennial: BTS students selected for the Tribes section (Outcidre - Bouffon tribe)


2014 - seminar led by Anna Polívková (CZ), a graduate of the École internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq, on the topic of bouffons


2013 - a series of BTS seminars led by Simon T. Rann (FR), one of the pillars of the Philippe Genty Company, famous for its unique vision of the theater of dreams


recording from the BTS seminar at the Loutkářská Chrudim festival


Our students are annually admitted to study various faculties of AMU (HAMU - Pantomime Department, DAMU - Department of Alternative and Puppet Theater, JAMU - Theater and Education Studio, JAMU - Physical Theater Studio) or Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University (Theory and History of Theatre)