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To the appropriate institutions


This letter is in support of the project by Vendula Burger


Vendula BURGER successfully completed professional training in the field of dramatic arts, she visited our two subsequent courses 1993-1994 and 1994-1995, this means October 1993 to June 1995, and upon its completion received  a final diploma.


I remember an active and very enthusiastic student, who has proven through her work great sensitivity and strong emotiveness, with which she is able to add great dynamic to an group in improvisation activities.


I read her project regarding establishment of a theatre school in Prague with great interest, that she would like to run the school based on the teaching principles of Jacques Lecoq.

I believe that her work upon leaving our school, very sincerely shows her will to pass her training on, and her variety of experiences have enabled her to grow and hone these abilities with her own thoughts.


I am happy, to be able to watch how Vendula BURGER and her group add to the international repute of our school and I will support the V. Budil School, with advice and exchange of experience. I wish much success and patience.


Paris, 27. Feb. 2007-05-07





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