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Jacques Lecoq


Born in Paris 15 December 1921. From the year 1937 he taught physical education and sport. From the year 1941 to 1945 he was professor of sport and physical education, an accredited trainer of the French federation of athletics and swimming. Through teaching of physical education he became close to Jean-Marie Conty, head professor of physical education, friend of Antonin Artaud and Jean-Louise Barrault.

In the year 1945 he first became involved in acting together with Gabrielem Cousin, with which he established a theatre company. Further he was engaged by Daniel Dastén into the group „Comédiens de Grenoble“ and was head of physical training. Discovered mask work and Copeaus spirit (Jacques Copeau – French actor, director teacher and theatre reformist), which he, as we can see later, inherited.

In the year 1948 he left for eight years to Italy. In Padua at the university theatre he created his first pantomimes. At town markets he discovered Commedia dell´Arte. Met with sculptor Amlet Sartori and began to study masks with him. From their cooperation, among other things, was born the “neutral mask”. At the request of Giorgio Strehler and Paoli Grassi, he took part in a performance by the school Piccola Teatra In Milan. Later he was involved in directing and choreography alongside Dario Fo, Franco Parenti, Luciano Berio, Anna Magnani... He searched for new gestures for progressive music, revue, opera; he made entire choruses move for Greek tragedy in Syracuse.

In the year 1956 he returned to Paris, to open his mime and theatre school. He founded his theatre group and worked in T.N.P. with Jean Vilar and in television.

His school grew so much, that he could only teach.

From the year 1968 to the year 1988 he was a professor at the university Beaux-Arts. He developed the school of architecture through the human body, movement and mime dynamics.

in the year 1977 he created L.E.M. (the movement study laboratory) department of scenographics at the school. Was a member of the European theatre union and was invited everywhere in the world, to teach seminars and give conferences, among which belong the famous performance conference “everything is moving”.

With  the goal of concretising the teaching of Jacqua Lecoq a close cooperation between (1997 and 1998) with Jean-Gabriel Carass, Jean-Claude Lalliase and Jean-Noel Roy and resulted in publication of the book Le Corps Poétique (The Moving Body) and development of two 45 minute films broadcast by French television. Only a few days before his death on 19.1. 1999 he could be found teaching in his school.