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Students by 2017

“Motto of the day! ´The Budil Theatre School is a guarantee of quality.´”

K.B. (accepted to ALD DAMU, director)


"If you do not want to drown in the disgust and pathos of uselessness, come to the Budil Theatre School! If you want to experience something, come to the Budil Theatre School! If you want to experience high quality and professional work, go to the Budil Theatre School right away!"

A.B. (accepted to JAMU, student of theatre science)


"Go for it! You will learn a lot of new things, you will gain a lot of experience, you will learn to overcome your limits."

B.J. (after being accepted to HAMU still a student of the BTS)


"If you really want to learn something, go for it. However, go for it fully with the knowledge that artistic work hurts. It hurts a lot, but at the end you will find self-awareness and another level."

L.J. (after being accepted to HAMU continues to study at the BTS)


"Even if you are not sure where you are heading, you don’t know if you want to play or what you want to do, the Budil Theatre School will enrich you in all directions and expand your horizons. You might sometimes be uncomfortable, but when you overcome this, it will be a hell of a good feeling. If you are curious, you will not find out until you try."

O.D. (entrepreneur, performing in amateur theatre)


“I believe in the Budil Theatre School. It has a good direction and gives people a lot. It leads to honesty and a good quality work of art. The future of this school depends only on people who will be willing to go this way and leave refined, spectacular and well-lit courses. Life is hard, theatre is hard work, studying is hard work. But if one should work hard somewhere, then at the Budil Theatre School!"

K.M. (independent performing arts professional)


"I think the concept of the studies is well thought through as well as the composition of the team of lecturers. Everyone comes from one source, but they approach the artistic work from different points of view. They match each other and complement each other."

K.M (musician and performer)


"The Jacques Lecoq method, taught at the Budil Theatre School, opened my door to the world of motion theatre. I began to be fascinated by what the body is capable of expressing. Thank you for all the initial impulses into the world of motion theatre, which I continue to focus on - whether it is physical theatre, pantomime, clowning and most recently the new circus.”

V.S. (performer, acrobat, clown, mim)