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Students 2018-2019



Creative, inspiring, stimulating, refreshing, going to the roots of artistic work, complexity, enthusiasm, cooperation, authenticity, humility and honesty, poetic basis, humour, great lecturers.

J.R. (Open Training Space, summer week-long workshop, year-round study)


I attended the weekly Roots to Creativity workshop and I must say that it far exceeded my expectations. From the style and variety of teaching itself, inspiring professionals, the level of professionalism to the amazing atmosphere. I can only highly recommend!

N.R. (summer week-long workshop)


The Jacques Lecoq method opens the door to FREEDOM in my acting. I don't have to think about matter - decorations, scenery, props. Everything can be performed. By the body.

And I enjoy that.

I don't enjoy making, preparing and transporting things.

K.U. (Open Training Space)


This is something I drive 60 km for every week, even on a work day when we are all in a hurry.

Each time during the lesson, I enjoy a lot of activities, improvisations; I stretch my body and find out how to work with it while playing theatre.

Without realizing it immediately, each activity from these lessons later accompanies me for days - at work, during sport, while just watching others, whose characters I then try to pantomime. I find out that even without words and without props, an imaginary (or real?) world can be created.

E.Ř. (Open Training Space)