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Vendulka Burger-Budilová


do-clanku-----zmens.-----kopie.jpgIn the year 1995 I decided to study at the Jacques Lecoq international theatre school. At this school I learned to express myself first with my body and then through words. At the same time I had a chance to meet and cooperate with people from around the world. I wanted to continue on this track after graduation and I got a chance to teach movement at a private theatre school Charles Dullin. I found out that giving my experiences enrich me greatly. I also was engaged as an actress and dancer in the theatre troupe of Phillippe Genty in the performance “Daedalus”. Searching and experimenting in the form of workshops continued for 9 months and the subsequent international tour with performances 3 years. I discovered a completely new world of puppets and various materials and I learned an organic approach to acting. During my trip around the world I had the opportunity to pass my experiences on through workshops which I led in various countries, such as Chile, South Africa or Korea. On New Zealand I was invited to direct the play „Le Bouffon mystere“ by Dario Fo. On the four hour production I worked alongside great New Zealander directors and directors from the London Globe theatre.

Upon the end of my contract with Philippe Genty I returned to the Czech Republic and together with Kamila Polivkova we organized a theatre laboratory in August 1999. We invited young Czech and foreign artists, in order to work together on the theme of “colours”. The results were so surprising for me, that we continued on to produce a theatre play. So in December 2000 the original production “Prometheus” was born. After that I was invited again to New Zealand where I taught and created another original production on the theme of Narcissus „I AM ME“. In the year 2001 I also cooperated for 6 months as an assistant choreographer with Vilem Docolomanský on his original production “Sonnets of dark love” about the life of  Federico García Lorca, based on flamenco and toreador gesture. In the year 2002

I was supported by the Open Society fund and created another original performance “„Perpetuam“ inspired by W.A. Mozart and his Requiem. In the same year I helped as an assistant director in the original production by Jean Francois Tolouse „Life is a dog “(La vie est chienne) in Bordeaux. From the year 2003 up to the year 2004 I work as a teacher at the non-verbal department at HAMU in Prague and I am preparing the circus cabaret „Perpetum Magico“ or how the clown Casper became Pierrot. Inspired by the life of Jean Caspar Deburau, the Napoleonic age and life of travelling troupes of those days. In Prague I cooperate on dramaturgy at A studio Rubin, I am the author of the concept “summer of Letna”, a meeting of new circus, visual art, theatre and dance. In the year 2004 I have been working beside the director Jan Jirků on the original play “The song of songs” as a choreographer and movement assistant and in the year 2005 on the play “Winnetou”.

I spent my motherhood in 2006, and since 2007 I have been exclusively dedicated to building the Budil Theater School and teaching the Jacques Lecoq method throughout the Czech Republic.