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Year-round study course 2022 – PROLOGUE OF THE DIRECTOR


In honour of 100th birthday anniversary of Jacques Lecoq, we are preparing a celebratory two-day workshop with the main teachers of the Budil Theatre School. This seminar is independent from the all-year study course, but it is the best way to find out if you want to work with the Jacques Lecoq method all year round.


The Jacques Lecoq method opens the door to FREEDOM in my acting.

Everything can be performed. By the body. And I enjoy that. (K.U.)


If you decide to attend the year-round study course, you will be given the opportunity to first find and then promote your true artistic potential - because the Jacques Lecoq method does not put you in a box, but helps to manifest your specialization.


The Budil Theatre School woke up my passion for pantomime and showed me how to write

body poetry. "Budilka" gave me an artistic direction and now I study mime theatre. (K.V.)


Through movement and teaching techniques according to the Jacques Lecoq method, you will find out which side of the barricade to stand on. Whether you are an actor, an author, a director or another artist. The method can place you on the starting line or - if you already are on it – show you the correct direction. Many of our students continue abroad. We have great references and recommend students to all over the world.


The Budil Theatre School promoted my artistry and today I study in Paris. (A.J.)


Even after studying a specific specialization, you can still visit us and find out if you have chosen your specialization correctly. If you don't feel good on stage, something is wrong.

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