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School Year 2017-2018


The Budil Theatre School opens another year of the study of the Jacques Lecoq method.

The Budil Theatre School is the only school in the Czech Republic based on the principles of the Jacques Lecoq method. Since 2007, the school opens its door to dramatic art through a method that is recognized throughout the world in theater, dance and film.

The Jacques Lecoq method offers new ways both in the field of acting and in other creative disciplines (stage design, dramaturgy, directing, choreography and others). This method accents the play and drama. It helps professionals relieve the stereotype of the acting style. It moves the limits of physical possibilities.

A comprehensive study leads to the individual development of each artist - and at the same time forms a creative team. Our students are annually accepted to study at various faculties of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague including foreign schools and continue their work here and abroad.

In the following school year, you can study the method in three ways (even in a combined form):


1. PROFESSIONAL SUMMER RESIDENCY (in cooperation with FysioART)

Creative summer residency - with the possibility to be chosen for the realization of a professional play - with intensive workshops of theater acting and art (J. Lecoq, K. S. Stanislavskij) and film acting (L. Strasberg, S. Meisner /Actor's Studio/).

Full-day program:

-          theater and site specific in professional conditions

-          daily physical training and relaxation exercises

-          working in front of the camera

The residency will take place in the premises of a classical theater and film locations, led by a team of artists and lecturers with years of experience from abroad and besides you - the participants there will be professionals participating too.

Date: 21st – 27th August 2017

Place: Czech-German border regions


The goal of the project is the realization of a play, the aim of which is to connect professionals and enthusiastic participants. Premiere on 26th and 27th September 2017.




The intensive seminars will take place in the school year 2017-2018 in the form of Saturday seminars, always three times a month, except for the opening seminar, which will include Sunday, from 16th to 17th September 2017. Participants will be selected based on a completed application, cover letter and references. The seminar is led by the teachers of the Budil Theater School, who have studied the Jacques Lecoq method, or have adapted its specialization with other quality methods. The second exception is the theater laboratory, which will be open on subsequent Sundays for students with serious interest in staging.

Topic of this year's school year: TAKE-OFF!




The Budil Theatre School opens also a professional course (not only) for foreign students in the form of intensive monthly residencies outside of the world. We concentrate three months of regular teaching of the JL method into one intensive month.

1st year: August 2018 – November 2018 – May 2019

2nd year: August 2019 – November 2019 – May 2020.

The course end with performing an own play on a given topic and with a written work.

The work is led by teachers of the Budil Theater School, who have studied the Jacques Lecoq method, or have adapted its specialization with other quality methods. In the second year we invite foreign lecturers of the Jacques Lecoq method, who devote themselves to studying theatrical genres professionally.

At our school (similar as abroad), this method can be studied also by professionals: actors, directors, playwrights, stage designers, choreographers or dancers who feel the need to find new directions of their creative personality and improve themselves physically. The method helps to relieve the stereotype of acting and shifts the boundaries of physical possibilities.

Further information: http://www.budil.cz/en/articles/study/professional-residential-course/



The Budil Theatre School helps its students through the Jacques Lecoq method to find a unique creative path and a relaxed acting style. The Budil Theater School is here to wake the talent within its students.

Application: produkce.budil@gmail.com