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Director of Budil Theater School Vendulka Burger-Budilova choreographically collaborates on an exceptional international project

of 4 European countries, pointing to the themes of migration, diversity and inclusion We  All Come From Somewhere 


In particular, POWER project aims at involving socially vulnerable people, such as disabled and migrant disabled people, in the production

of a theater performance.


We All Come From Somewhere is an international and multicultural theatre production between 4 European organisations who have significant experience in the facilitation, creation and production of of artistic activities for disabled people.


4 European countries / 4 inclusive theatre companies / 4 international productions

1 play: We All Come From Somewhereplakat_poster-prague-debut-power-fin---kopie---kopie.jpg

Nazareno Cooperativo (Italy) / Studio Citadela’s Bohnice (Czech Republic)

THE.A.MA (Greece) / KCAT’s Equinox Theatre Company (Ireland)


World premiere: PRAGUE – CZECH REPUBLIK (January 2020)

National premiere: CAPRI – ITALY (May 2020)

National premiere: CALLAN – IRELAND (June 2020)

The final performance: KIATO – GREECE (August 2020)


We All Come From Somewhere was written from interviews and testimonies of refugees in each country.

POWER addresses a major global picture, examining difference and prejudice through

the lens of people who themselves are often ignored and marginalised.

The curious story of wandering, the migration of animal species through continents

and centuries, including the human species, responds to the media-political epidemics

of prejudice unleashed on the so-called refugee issue.



Students of Budil Theatre School will be an active part of workshops for assistants and members of participating international ensembkes.


We All Come Frome Somewhere: 

universal instrument towards barrier-free communication