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Professional residential course of the Jacques Lecoq method

After 10 years of teaching in the form of intensive courses and seminars we are opening a

professional residential course of the Jacques Lecoq method.



The Budil Theatre School offers a full training in the certified Jacques Lecoq method in the form of intensive monthly residencies outside the busy world for both Czech and foreign students.
We are training artists to become competitive across genres and cultures.
After graduation we are recommending students to foreign companies. We are sending the ensembles formed during the training to international festivals. Production-wise, we are helping to launch the carriers of our students.

The Jacques Lecoq method helps to shape the artistic potential so that everyone finds what is hiding inside of him/her. We accept talented students at the beginning of their careers, as well as professional artists who want to learn more about their abilities, or do not feel well in their specialization, or want to gain experience in other fields (such as actors, directors, playwrights).


The professional course will take place in the form of monthly residencies three times during the school year.
For one month, you will be intensively engaged in your education and the search for your own creative potential and its use in artistic work. The basic preparation includes techniques of physical theater and movement analysis, masks, dramatic improvisation and selected theatrical genres.
We concentrate three months of regular teaching of the JL method into one intensive month:
3 x one month - 1st year of study.
3 x one month - 2nd year of study.


Application for the professional course:

Our school does not organize any entrance exams or auditions, the selection of students is made by written application. The application should include your curriculum vitae, information about your work at the theater/theatre classes or workshops completed, graduated schools and workshops, one picture of your face and one picture of your whole figure, a cover letter and references from your work or school. After reading your application, we will send you a decision on whether you are accepted to the first month of the course.
The course is in English, which means that basic knowledge of this language is required.


Our school offers a two-year professional course that studies the movement as the relation between life and art in order to develop creative theater. The first month - May - is a probationary period. The possibility to continue studying the first year is decided during this time in discussion of the student with the teachers.


The first year is a program that stimulates curiosity and interest in the phenomenon of everyday life and provides basic acting skills.
There is an examination and evaluation period at the end of the first year - after the successful completion of the first year, you will receive a certificate (with the details of the number of classes and subjects completed) and a decision about passing to the second year based on the acting and involvement in the first year of the course.


At the end of the second year, you will create your own performance - after the successful completion of the second year, you will receive a certificate of artistic specialization (author, director, actor, stage designer, etc.) and you will receive a certificate of completing a two-year course of the Jacques Lecoq method with the details of the number of classes and subjects completed.


Opening in 2019:

1st year: May 2019 – August 2019 – November 2019

2nd year: May 2020 – August 2020 – November 2020


If you are interested in our professional residential course and if you would like to receive further information regarding the application, payment and other details, please contact us at budilschool@gmail.com.




!The Jacques Lecoq method is taught under recommendation of the Jacques Lecoq School!