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The motivational seminar offers physical and technical training based on the principles of the Jacques Lecoq method,

which is used by the Budil Theatre School as the only one in the Czech Republic. 

The emphasis of the training is on original dramatic work - individual and collective.


This method is used by actors as well as directors, dramaturges, stage designers, choreographers and dancers who feel the need to find new directions for their creativity and to progress physically. The method helps to release the stereotype of the expression, pushing the limits of physical possibilities.


At any time of the year (even regularly) you can try the regular MOTIVATIONAL seminar - always on the Saturday part of the INTENSIVE seminar (dates of seminars).


You can apply throughout the year at budischooll@gmail.com.
By submitting your registration you agree with the methods of payment and cancellation fees.



The Budil Theatre School helps its students to find their unique creative path

and relaxed expression.